Top Academic Journals Banned ChatGPT Be Credited As Authors

Top Academic Journals Banned ChatGPT Be Credited As Authors

Top Academic Journals Banned ChatGPT Be Credited As Authors

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The artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT developed by OpenAI has caused heated discussions in the technology community these few months, and it has caused a great stir recently. The academic community was worried that ChatGPT would write papers for students, or even become a tool for them to cheat in exams. At present, the academic community has been using it to write research papers, and even credits ChatGPT as the author.

Recently, authoritative academic journals “SCIENCE” and “NATURE” announced an update of their editorial policies, addressing the use of generative AI tools, and ChatGPT was the first to be named.

The authoritative journal “SCIENCE” states: Text generated from AI, machine learning, or similar algorithmic tools cannot be used in papers published in SCIENCE journals, nor can the accompanying figures, images, or graphics be the products of such tools, without explicit permission from the editors. In addition, an AI program cannot be an author of a SCIENCE journal paper. A violation of this policy constitutes scientific misconduct.

Holden Thorp, editor-in-chief of “SCIENCE”, said that all submitted papers must be the original works of the author, and that content produced by AI is a form of plagiarism because it is based on a large amount of information obtained from the Internet, sentences, and text scraped from existing article sentences.

As for “NATURE”, there is a similar policy update. Although it will not accept any papers that credit ChatGPT or other generative AI tools as an author, it does not completely prohibit such tools. The paper itself can use the text generated by the AI tool, and must clearly indicate the research method.

We have introduced 6 ways to use ChatGPT before. For the time being, the editorial policy updates of the two academic journals will not affect digital marketing and online advertising companies. However, UL recommends that you pay attention to the way you use ChatGPT and related updates.

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