Cultivate SEO with Content and KeywordsWhat is White Hat SEO?

Cultivate SEO with Content and Keywords – What is White Hat SEO?

black hat and white hat SEO

Why do so many people utilize SEO?

Because webmasters want to improve their website rankings, where they hope they can even rank among the top in search results without using advertisements and SEM, and to achieve higher page views, ROI, and better sales. The method is to comply with Google’s rules and algorithms, create useful content and optimize SEO keywords from the needs and perspectives of searchers.

If you have searched for information regarding SEO, you may have seen White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Gray Hat SEO. To practice and cultivate well in SEO, and know what and what not to do, we should start with understanding the characteristics and differences between these 3 hats.

white hat White Hat SEO

There may be thousands of similar websites in the world. If you want your website to be recommended to searchers, the odds are your website must be ranked high enough.

Companies that provide SEO services (or White Hat SEO practices) will create content in compliance with the Google search engine algorithms and rules, and will also consider the quality of the content, and carefully add SEO keywords (without being overloaded) to let search engine crawlers read the website, and then is rated as useful and high-quality information to be recommended to the searcher.

Although this kind of operation takes a long time, it will get a stable search result ranking and organic pageviews. SEO companies in Hong Kong also adopt this kind of operation. Ranking high in search results saves quite a bit of advertising costs.

white hat Black Hat SEO

First, please remember: Google does not like it when someone deliberately operates SEO.

Black Hat SEO refers to the use of cheating with SEO to manipulate the website and content so that the ranking of the search results page can be rushed to the first page in a short time, which violates Google’s rules.

Normally, Black Hat SEO content contains a large number of keywords and links that are completely irrelevant to the topic and is completely unhelpful to the searcher. If caught by Google as a Black Hat SEO operation, the website will be punished and removed by the search engine.

Google is also famous for severely punishing Black Hat SEO operations, even when those are its people. Previous incidents include: Google Japan purchased paid links in 2009, and Google dropped its PageRank score from PR9 to PR5; Chrome purchased paid links in 2012, and the ranking of the browser page dropped for 2 months.

white hat Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO refers to the operation method between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. It is used to speed up the operation effect with some tricks to achieve a good ranking and page views, but it is not serious enough to violate Google’s rules. Google might just turn a blind eye before the website becomes Black Hat SEO. Because it operates in a vague gray area, its meaning in being called Gray Hat SEO is obvious.


White Hat SEO
  • Comply with Google search engine algorithm and rules
  • It is the most relevant content that the Google algorithm evaluates and recommends to the searcher
Black Hat SEO
  • Raise the ranking of the website by cheating on SEO
  • Violation of Google’s rules and algorithm
  • Mostly highly competitive industries such as gaming and pornography
  • Most of the websites are overloaded with irrelevant keywords and links
Gray Hat SEO
  • Operates in the gray area between Black and White Hat SEO
  • Tricky but not against Google’s rules


White Hat SEO
  • Stable ranking and organic pageviews
  • The longer the operation time, the better the effect
Black Hat SEO
  • Easy to rank up
  • Short operating time
Gray Hat SEO
  • Operating time between Black and White Hat SEO
  • The rank-up difficulty is between Black and White Hat SEO


White Hat SEO
  • Takes longer
  • It requires more skills and is not easy to operate
Black Hat SEO
  • High risk
  • Sites are at risk of being penalized or removed by search engines
Gray Hat SEO
  • The risk is not as high as Black Hat, but if it violates Google’s rules, the website will still be punished or removed by search engines
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