Discord is injecting ChatGPT-powered Clyde into their servers

Discord is injecting ChatGPT-powered Clyde into their servers

Discord is injecting ChatGPT-powered Clyde into their servers

What is the idea that a chat app integrates an AI into its server, and lets the bot greet you, chat with you, and summarize the chat for you while you were offline? Discord is doing this.

While businesses including digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong are using Discord to reach their customers and fans, Discord is also planning to use AI-generated conversation summaries and provide admins with AI tools to moderate servers.

Discord is now using OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to transform its existing Clyde bot into a talkative chatbot. Clyde is being upgraded next week to answer questions and have conversations with users, much like OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Microsoft’s Bing chat feature.

In Discord, you’ll be able to ask Clyde anything by “@” mentioning him in a server just as you would an actual person, Clyde gets back to you in seconds with answers, but you won’t be able to use Clyde to talk to your friends for you by drafting messages.

Discord will eventually make Clyde chatbot a fundamental part of its chat and communities app, and be able to add it to servers to allow users to summon it into conversations and have it respond to queries to send GIFs to a channel, recommend music, or much more.

Discord is fully aware of Clyde’s wide and rude responses, and even has a warning when you opt-in to use Clyde for the first time:

Don’t tell Clyde secrets or rely on it for advice, Discord support, or safety issues. Clyde is experimental and not perfect so you might come across information that could be considered biased, misleading, harmful, or inaccurate even with safeguards in place.

Image: Discord
Source: The Verge

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