Google Ad’s Policies Change on “Remove Redundant Keywords”

Google Ad’s Policies Change on “Remove Redundant Keywords”


News source: Search Engine Journal
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Recently, Google announced that they would begin removing redundant keywords across different match types with the auto-applied recommendations, and the marketers are not very happy.

The Situation

Currently, one of Google’s auto-applied suggestions allows the system to remove redundant keywords of the same match type within the same ad group.

With the January 19 update, Google’s updated its policy to remove redundant keywords across different match types.

Essentially, Google will remove phrases or exact match keywords if a broad keyword covers the search query.

The Concerns

Obviously, marketers are not very happy about this update, as one of their main concerns is that Google has changed the definition of an existing auto-applied recommendation. Another concern is around Google’s ability to address context and sentiment in a correct matter. Lastly, the consensus is that these updates are again aimed at small businesses and beginner marketers to manage their accounts more efficiently. But where does that leave the experienced marketers who have spent years testing and perfecting their keyword strategies?

The Options?

With such a significant change, it’s argued that this should be a new recommendation for advertisers to opt-in or opt-out.

If you are already opted into Google’s auto-applied recommendation to remove redundant keywords, the new policy has gone into effect on January 19.

The new policy will not make any retroactive changes to your account. However, because this is not a new recommendation, you would have to disable this auto-applied recommendation if you do not wish to participate.

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