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The Importance of SEO Planning Tools

The Importance of SEO Planning Tools|SEO Agency - Unique Logic

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All marketers know the importance of SEO, and when doing SEO, one of the keys to success is keywords planning. The SEO Planning Tool is a tool to help marketers collect and analyze keywords. To do a good job in keyword research, of course, you must first be familiar with and understand the functions of the keyword planning tools and their correlation with SEO. The keyword planning tools help you carry out the above operations, allowing you to quickly grasp the market conditions and status of keywords in the market. Let’s take a look at what the Keyword Planners can do.

Function 1: Understanding Search Volume

The keyword planning tools help you to figure out the Search Volume (SV) and competition level when choosing keywords, and therefore you can understand which associated words are more likely to effectively help your website increase traffic. Suppose your store sells sport utility, the SV of “football” is 9,900, and “soccer” is 3,600, these two keywords refer to the same thing, but the SV is not the same when you know that the keyword football will get a higher SV, you will eventually know what to choose.

Function 2: The Needs of Target Customers

The keyword planning tools use data to analyze keyword lists, which can effectively understand the needs of target customers. Using the example above of the sport utility shop again, keywords related to the search results also include basketball, tennis, skateboard, etc. From these related results, it is possible to reasonably infer what information the searcher wants to obtain, and marketers could therefore plan the content of the website with this data. In other words, relevant and suggested keywords can be arranged, and when searchers can find the information they need, the exposure and search volume of the website will be naturally improved.

Function 3: Reference Data to help Optimize Strategies

Proper use of keyword tools can help you understand keyword search intent, search volume, and keyword competition, collect reference data to help you optimize website content strategies, update website content and copywriting when necessary, and ensure continuous increase in traffic and exposure.

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