SME uses SEM to Increase Traffic & ROI - Unique Logic

Good News for SME: Don’t Let Money Monopolize Exposure

SME uses SEM to Increase Traffic & ROI - Unique Logic

In the era of the pioneering Internet world, “traffic” and “click-through rate” are the keys to success, and one of the ways to improve these elements is to use SEM Search Engine Marketing. Whether you are an Editor, a YouTuber, or an online store owner, as long as you use SEM effectively, you will not only increase the number of fans but also get more business opportunities.

And here’s the point: you don’t need to spend a lot of money to improve your ad rank

6 Benefits of SEM Marketing

  • SEM ranks higher in search results than SEO
  • You can bid on competitors’ keywords
  • Reach potential consumers with paid ads to maximize the effectiveness of search engines
  • Improve competitiveness, and SEM can generate higher ROI than other advertising media
  • Increase brand awareness of products and services
  • Generating targeted exposure to target groups, thus strategy and cost complement each other

4 Factors Affecting Advertising Exposure Rate

  • Keywords
  • Ad Copies
    。Ad Relevance / Ad Headlines / Ad Extensions
  • Landing Page Experience
    。Includes landing page content and ad relevancy and Page Speed
  • Keyword Bidding

High Bidding Price is not Necessarily Good

There are 2 factors affect your ad’s position: Keyword Bids and Quality Score. If you only rely on high keyword bidding and ignore the Quality Score, the ranking of the ad will drop, or the Cost-Per-Click CPC will increase. If your Quality Score is high but your bid is too low, your ad’s position won’t be high enough to even display. To effectively execute your advertising strategy, you must first increase your Quality Score, and then match it with an appropriate bid. If the Quality Score of the enterprises is not as high as yours, you can bid lower than theirs. Then you may dominate Google’s top rank with the cheapest price and prevent the large enterprise from monopolizing.

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