Your guide to picking an SEO agency in Hong Kong

Your guide to picking an SEO agency in Hong Kong (that works!)

Your guide to picking an SEO agency in Hong Kong (that works!)

You are probably one of them — every day more than 3.5 billion searches are performed in Google. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is therefore not a buzzword, but a business reality. For any business aiming to strive in the Internet, SEO should be an essential part of the overall marketing strategy.

SEO, however, is a marathon instead of a sprint. Constant technical updates, improvement and testing require a huge amount of dedication and expertise. It can be expensive to develop in-house and becomes a burden to your marketing team, especially if they already have a lot on their plate. Why not find a reliable SEO agency and let them do the work for you?

In this blog article, we are going to walk you through the steps to picking an SEO agency that fits your business needs in Hong Kong.

What does SEO agency do?

A decent SEO agency should create a tailored plan that works for you and your business. They should have a comprehensive working scope that includes but not limited to:

  • SEO Audit
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Building backlinks
  • Content creation

Step 1: Initial brainstorming

Before your search begins, think about what criteria that ideal SEO agency needs to meet and what are important to your business.
Is it the price of the service that you are most sensitive about? Is it their local expertise that you are looking for? Are you in search of a affordable seo service for small business expert?
List out all these factors and you increase your chance of finding a matching SEO partner.

Step 2: Check out websites

Now go ahead and google around. Search keywords such as “Best SEO agency Hong Kong” and you will find a list of results. Among them, spot the potential candidates that you would like to know further about. Click on their websites and you can dig:

  • Are their websites maintained up-to-date?
  • Did they receive any Awards?
  • How is their team structured?
  • Any case studies/ testimonials from clients?

An SEO agency can demonstrate an understanding of the Internet through their own website. If their website appears easy to navigate, has quality copywriting and shows regular updates, you can have a higher chance of working with experts who are committed to help.

Step 3: Check out ranking

There are great online tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush that allow you to check out website ranking. You can input the SEO agencies’ names as keywords and see how they are performing with their own brands. You can even try with their client brands and search around keywords. It is definitely a good sign if the brands position high in the first page.

Take Finest, one of our Unique Logic’s clients as an example. If you search “Office Lounge Chairs”, it is the first result on Google search results. You can know more about our case studies here.

Step 4: Talk to them

Now that you know which agencies you want to get in touch with, contact them through email, phone or schedule in-person meetings. Explain to them who your target audience in Hong Kong is and consider asking the following questions when you encounter:

  • How will your SEO agency improve my ranking?
  • How often will you provide report to my business? And how should I interpret the results?
  • How does your agency stay up-to-date?

In this world of technology, everything changes in the speed of light. A great SEO working partner should not let their ego get in the way and pretends to know-it-all. In Unique Logic, we stay tuned with the latest Google Algorithms and through channels such as Search Engine Land.

Step 5: Think beyond SEO

SEO is a part of your marketing mix. Your preferred partner of SEO should be capable of thinking beyond the technicalities of SEO and make the content fit the larger picture of your whole digital marketing strategy.

In Unique Logic, we are also dedicated to help your overall digital marketing. Click to read our digital marketing insights

A reliable SEO partner can be a helpful guide for your business to navigate the complex socio-economic and Internet landscape of Hong Kong. Talk to us and find out more.
Unique Logic is a Hong Kong based digital marketing agency backed with 20-year of IT experience. We provide free consultation.
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